Technical support terms & conditions


1. Technical support services (“Support Services”) are available to customers (“Customers”) with current license or service agreements and up-to-date payments.

2. Support services cover purchased services and/or software licenses only (“Products”). Non-production systems, temporary licenses, evaluation licenses and test/sandbox environments are excluded from support.

Scope of service

1. Support services are aimed at resolving technical problems, typically related to malfunctioning products and are not an end-user helpdesk service.

Problem reporting

1. All problems must be initially reported in the Nextian Customer Support Portal (“Portal”). Requests initiated outside the portal will not be handled.

2. Support services are available only via designated, mutually agreed point(s) of contact, other users will be redirected to these contacts.


1. If a problem occurs due to customer’s fault or negligence including, but not limited to:

a. Misconfiguration,
b. Erroneous user actions from the GUI (e.g., deletion of devices, user accounts, etc.),
c. Database data updates not made by Nextian software,
d. Customer’s infrastructure including, but not limited to third party software, hardware, network connectivity, amount of computing resources allocated, operating system updates or security, third party systems or applications not bundled with the software

a fee will be charged based on the number of hours (minimum one hour) spent on resolving the problem by Nextian personnel, and an hourly rate listed on the corresponding quote or purchase order.

2. Creating and restoring of backups (including but not limited to Service Analyzer backups, database backups, operating system backups) are sole responsibility of the customer and Nextian shall not be responsible for backup/restore activities in any way.

3. Tools (SNMP Agent Simulator, IPMI for Java and ICMP for Windows/Java) support is provided on a best-effort basis without service level agreements (“SLAs”).

Support Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Support services are provided Monday through Friday, 8AM U.S. Eastern Time to 5PM U.S. Pacific Time – excluding weekends and observed U.S. Holidays.

Severity level Description Response time (cloud) Response time (on-premises)
1 – Critical System Down. Business critical software component is inoperable. 30 minutes 1 hour
2 – Major A software component is severely restricted in its use, causing significant impact to the business. 2 hours 4 hours
3 – Normal A non-critical software component is malfunctioning, causing moderate impact to the business. 2 working days 2 working days
4 – Minimal A non-critical software component is malfunctioning, causing minimal impact. Next software release Next software release

On-premises product support

Remote desktop access (Windows remote desktop, Zoom, VNC, Microsoft Teams or equivalent) is required to provide support services for on-premises products. It is customer’s responsibility to configure and provide such access.