Optimize Quote-To-Cash (QTC) for your cloud software.

Cloud Software

Optimize Quote-to-Cash (QTC) for your cloud
applications, software and services.

Platform as a Service
Software as a Service (SaaS)

Complex software. Instant turnups. Higher revenues.

Ensure customer success and drive higher customer lifetime value (LTV) for your cloud software.

Quickly offer value-based products

Quickly configure value-based product catalog with base products, add-ons and quantities (seats, licenses, connections) with on-line and traditional, paperwork-based quoting.

Enable on-line ordering
and configuration

Simplify on-line ordering and configuration (seats, licenses, connections) and add-ons (storage, backup) for new and existing services in the Customer Portal.

Automate service
turnup and billing

Automatically start and execute turnup workflows to orchestrate launching new services upon order and transfer them to billing immediately once they are up and running.

Enable 24/7 support
and self-service

Enable CRM-integrated, omni-channel support via phone, email and the Customer Portal for 24/7 customer support and self-service.

Automatically discover upsell opportunities

Retain and upsell customers with comprehensive account intelligence and fully automated discovery of upgrade opportunities based on application software and infrastructure monitoring.

Leverage "single pane of glass" monitoring

Consolidate various monitoring systems such as NMS, APM, DevOps, observability and others into a "single pane of glass” view of customer service availability and performance.

Quote-to-Cash for Cloud Software

Plan, launch quickly and monitor post-launch performance of your cloud and communications products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Quickly create accurate quotes for complex subscription products and add-ons including new products, changes, replacements and cancelations.

Ensure reliable and consistent customer service delivery with real time forecasting.

Ensure customer success with omni-channel support, service monitoring, analytics and automated discovery of upsell opportunities.

Empower your customers with a 360° view of their accounts, self-service and on-line ordering.

Stay on top of your reporting game with pre-configured dashboards and reports based on best-practice quote-to-cash metrics.