Service Management, Support & Monitoring

Retain and upsell customers
with comprehensive account

Post-delivery subscription service management, support, monitoring, analytics and automated discovery of upsell opportunities.
Comprehensive service status


Shorter Issue Resolution Times


Reduction in Escalations and Callbacks


Operational Costs Reduction


ARR Increase through Upselling
Term and renewal Service status details

Single pane of glass for customer services

Achieve operational excellence with accurate account, service, billing and monitoring information integrated in a single system.

Provide best-in-class customer support

Shorten issue resolution times by integrating subscription information, 360° account details and monitoring data in one place.

Customer support dashboards
Network monitoring integration

Proactively react to network and infrastructure problems

Improve account management and customer support by bringing key network and infrastructure information from NMS/RMM/APM/Observability systems into the CRM.

Automatically discover upsell opportunities

Use network intelligence gathered via NMS/RMM/APM/Observability integration to automatically discover upsell opportunities.

Automated upsell opportunities

Service Management, Support & Monitoring Highlights

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Customer Support

Service Monitoring

Upsell Opportunities

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