Billing Integration

Ensure quote-to-bill

Create a seamless Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process integrating your billing with CPQ and Order Management to eliminate data swivel-chairing and ensure full quote-to-bill consistency.

Account billing and payments information

Why leverage existing billing?

Supercharge and protect investment in your billing system seamlessly plugging it into the Quote-to-Cash flow.

Replacement costs

Billing systems are costly to configure & turn up and organizations are reluctant to replace them leading to their long lifespan.


Dedicated billing platforms generally perform better than CRM-based ones for large volumes of customers, bills, and items.


Dedicated billing systems have rich functionality that CRMs lack, like CDR (Call Data Record) collection and rating, advanced billing rules, etc.

Tax handling and compliance

Handling of sales taxes and regulatory fees & surcharges in some markets (such as North America) can get complicated and billing systems do a great job at that.

Financial systems integration

Most billing systems have existing integrations to financial packages for receivables, payment processing, collections, bill reconciliations, etc.

Preserving billing history

Preserving billing history requires either keeping old billing system in place for reference (costly and cumbersome), or performing a billing-to-billing migration (a costly, complicated project).

Why Nextian?

Subscription services are challenging for CRM/billing integration due to operations such as renewals, re-rates, add-on changes, moves, early termination liability (ETL) calculations and others. Nextian can not only handle these, but also accurately reflect changes in the billing, thanks to the unique billing connector architecture.

CRM/Billing product catalog synchronization

Keep product catalogs in sync

Easily keep CPQ/CRM and billing product catalogs in sync including:

Link CRM and billing accounts

Keep your accounts in sync between CRM and billing at all times.

CRM/Billing account linking
Order-to-bill automation

Implement order-to-bill automation

Ensure that any changes made to services in the CRM (new services, add-ons, price changes, service cancelations, etc.) are reflected in billing.

Integrate any billing system

Nextian proprietary billing integration framework enables quick and easy integration of any API-enabled billing system into the quote-to-cash process supporting:

CRM/Billing integration