Communications Providers

Scale up to handle large transaction volumes with Quote-To-Cash (QTC) excellence.

Communications Providers

Scale up to handle large transaction volumes with
Quote-to-Cash (QTC) excellence.

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Large volumes. Automated transactions. Higher revenue.

Handle large, wholesale transaction volumes leveraging automation and systems integration.

Handle large quote volumes

Handle large volumes of requests for quotes (RFQs) by generating quotes quickly both in the CRM (for large, high touch deals) as well as digitally via the API (for smaller, transactional customers).

Enable multi-
channel ordering

Accept large volumes of orders via API, on-line portal ordering, as well as digital signatures with automated workflows creation across all channels.

Automate order processing

Leverage code tasks for systems integration and automating as many workflow steps as possible, all the way up to “zero touch” provisioning, reducing both costs and error rates.

Provide omni-channel support

Support large volumes of cases/tickets across multiple channels: phone, email, the Customer Portal, API and e-bonding to keep your SLA commitments and ensure effective customer communication.

Easily manage wholesale accounts

Enable easy management of large, wholesale accounts with aggregated, “single pane of glass” views in the CRM, optimized for presentation and handling of large amounts of data such as services, orders, cases and others.

Give customers
a 360° insight

Leverage Customer Portal optimized for visualization, searching and analyzing large amounts of near real-time data (services, orders, cases and others) to give your customers a 360° view of their accounts.

Quote-to-Cash for Wholesale Communications Providers

Plan, launch quickly and monitor post-launch performance of your cloud and communications products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Quickly create accurate quotes for complex subscription products and add-ons including new products, changes, replacements and cancelations.

Ensure reliable and consistent customer service delivery with real time forecasting.

Ensure customer success with omni-channel support, service monitoring, analytics and automated discovery of upsell opportunities.

Empower your customers with a 360° view of their accounts, self-service and on-line ordering.

Stay on top of your reporting game with pre-configured dashboards and reports based on best-practice quote-to-cash metrics.