Nextian for
CFO / VP Finance

Strengthen control over and ensure consistent financial information across your entire Quote-To-Cash (QTC) process.

Nextian for
CFO / VP Finance

Strengthen control over and ensure consistent financial
information across your entire Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process.

Four ways to control your revenue & margin with Nextian

Control your financials at every stage of the Quote-to-Cash process from new product sales through contract renewals and cancellations.

Manage and revenue and margin at every stage of QTC

Track income statement-like revenue & profit numbers every step of the way from quote generation, through closed-won sales and order delivery, before they reach and are reported in billing and ERP systems.

Easily handle complexities of subscription service reporting

Automatically calculate net revenue & profit related to service changes, moves, replacements and cancelations with readily available data points, without a need to “transform” the data to create revenue & profit waterfall model.

Forecast ahead of the game

Know your net revenue and profit numbers ahead of the game based on real-time, automatically updated delivery schedules for easy creation of forward-looking projections.

Easily build advanced financial reports & KPIs

Easily plug-in third-party reporting tools and integrate with corporate data warehouses to refine and provide complex financial analytics augmenting Nextian out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Ensure data security and regulatory compliance every step of the way.

Audit trail

Track financial changes through a well-defined process with automated billing integration and full audit trail.

Access permissions

Manage access to data and system functions with industry standard Salesforce role-based permissions.

Data security

Protect your data with proven Salesforce security technology with full access audit trail.

Automated quote-to-bill

Bill accurately on-time

Ensure that any changes made to customer accounts and products in the CRM are accurately reflected in billing.

Ensure financial alignment throughout the organization

Ensure common understanding of financial terms across the organization and increase financial awareness every step of the way from quotes, through order delivery to billing.

Accurate quote-to-cash financial reports

Quote-to-Cash for Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / VP Finance

Plan, launch quickly and monitor post-launch performance of your cloud and communications products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Quickly create accurate quotes for complex subscription products and add-ons including new products, changes, replacements and cancelations.

Ensure reliable and consistent customer service delivery with real time forecasting.

Ensure customer success with omni-channel support, service monitoring, analytics and automated discovery of upsell opportunities.

Empower your customers with a 360° view of their accounts, self-service and on-line ordering.

Stay on top of your reporting game with pre-configured dashboards and reports based on best-practice quote-to-cash metrics.