Nextian for
COO / VP Operations

Ensure best-in-class operations with faster, seamless order delivery and omni-channel support integrated with infrastructure monitoring.

Nextian for
COO / VP Operations

Ensure best-in-class operations with faster, seamless
order delivery and omni-channel support integrated
with infrastructure monitoring.

Six ways to ensure faster, seamless order delivery with Nextian

Ensure top-notch customer satisfaction with best-in-class service delivery experience.

Easily handle
complex orders

Ensure faster order delivery with a uniform, workflow-driven processing seamlessly supporting multi-line orders containing various item types (new product requests, changes, cancelations).

Automate order delivery

Shorten time and bring down per-unit processing cost with automated workflow tasks reducing manual order delivery steps, all the way up to “zero-touch provisioning”.

Accurately forecast delivery dates

Automatically track progress (% effort completed, % tasks completed) and forecast completion dates of entire orders as well as individual items for accurate internal and customer reporting.

Understand order financial

Leverage readily available revenue & profit information on orders and individual order items, as well as account financial information, to prioritize delivery ensuring best outcomes for the business.

Understand and control risks

Effectively control, manage and understand financial implications of risks through identifying, communicating, tracking, assigning ownership, resolving and reporting on risk conditions.

Improve internal
and customer communication

Reduce communication overhead internally with email notifications, chatter updates, task queues as well as externally with real-time order status information in the Customer Portal.

Provide best-in-class customer support

React to and solve problems faster with omni-channel support integrated with infrastructure monitoring.

Enable omni-channel support

Enable customers to initiate support cases via phone, email, Customer Portal and the API. Share real-time case updates with email notifications and in the Customer Portal.

Shorten problem resolution time

Tightly integrate customer, product & subscription information as well as physical product makeup (elements, statuses, alarms, outages) with support cases (“single pane of glass”) for faster problem resolution.

Improve communication

Share real-time case updates and comments internally via Salesforce chatter and email notifications, and with customers via public comments in the Customer Portal.

Ensure SLA compliance

Automate Service Level Agreements (SLA) tracking with real-time metrics and full case timeline histories.

Network Monitoring integration

Integrate support with
infrastructure monitoring

Improve customer support by bringing key network and infrastructure information from NMS/RMM/APM/Observability systems into the CRM.

Quote-to-Cash for Chief Operating Officer (COO) / VP Operations

Plan, launch quickly and monitor post-launch performance of your cloud and communications products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Quickly create accurate quotes for complex subscription products and add-ons including new products, changes, replacements and cancelations.

Ensure reliable and consistent customer service delivery with real time forecasting.

Ensure customer success with omni-channel support, service monitoring, analytics and automated discovery of upsell opportunities.

Empower your customers with a 360° view of their accounts, self-service and on-line ordering.

Stay on top of your reporting game with pre-configured dashboards and reports based on best-practice quote-to-cash metrics.