Network Monitoring Integration

Unify service monitoring
with CRM

Break the silo between operations and the business to generate additional revenue and improve customer experience by bringing network and infrastructure monitoring information into the CRM.

CRM account service monitoring

Why integrate monitoring systems with CRM?

Monitor customer services across all elements to gain a 360° insight into service performance and discover upsell opportunities.

Missed Revenues

Automatically detect upsell opportunities
using monitoring data,
algorithms & machine learning.

Strengthen Customer

Enable best-in-class customer experience by providing account managers and sales reps with a 360° insight into service performance.

ROI Calculator

An example ROI (return on investment) calculation for a provider with 5K services and $500 ARPU (monthly recurring charge).

Number of services provided for customers 5,000
Average monthly recurring charge (MRC) per service (excl. taxes & fees) $500.00
Average MRC increase resulting from service upgrade $100.00 (20%)
% services needing upgrade 5%
Services needing upgrade 250
Monthly revenue increase $25,000.00
Annual revenue increase (HIDDEN REVENUE POTENTIAL) $300,000.00

Holistic service monitoring

Traditional NMS/RMM/APM/APM/Observability systems monitor individual elements (or nodes) only. Each element represents a single piece of equipment (a router, a firewall, a server, a network interface, etc.) or an application (a SQL database, an Active Directory server, a DNS service, etc.).

However, a single service usually depends on multiple elements to work properly.

We solve this problem by looking at the service structure (service elements and their dependencies), cross referencing it against individual elements’ performance and applying data science analytics to establish a holistic, aggregated view of services.

Service monitoring dashboard
People watching service uptime and availability reports

Understand the big picture easily

Establish easy-to-understand view of services' and accounts' performance for account managers, sales reps and support teams so they can serve customers better:

Leverage your existing monitoring

Consolidate information from your NMS/RMM/APM/Observability systems to gain a complete insight into customer services' performance and availability.
Man and screenshot of Third party element uptime and availability
Outage financial impact dashboards

Gain visibility into financial impacts of problems

Combine performance and financial information to make better business decisions, triage and prioritize issues, and focus communication where most effective.

Simplify outage response automation

Leverage service-level alarms and availability to easily create automated support cases or implement other outage automation scenarios.

Outage ticketing automation

Integrate any NMS/RMM/APM/Observability systems

Integrate out of the box with industry standard NMS/RMM/APM/Observability systems as well as any API-enabled ones.

Salesforce Zabbix, Elastic, OpenNms, SolarWinds integration