Nextian for
CPO / VP Product

Shorten time-to-market and ensure desired business outcomes of your products.

Nextian for
CPO / VP Product

Shorten time-to-market and ensure desired business
outcomes of your products.

Four ways to accelerate product launches with Nextian

Enable holistic product configuration beyond just pricing.

Create new
products quickly

Manage cloud and communications offerings in an easy-to-use and intuitive way. Quickly create and configure subscriptions, traditional ‘widget’ products as well as add-ons with recurring, one-time and usage-based pricing.

Launch products across multiple
sales channels

Use unified product catalog to easily deploy products across all your sales channels - traditional CRM quotes, Customer Portal e-commerce and API with a single click.

Reduce rollout

Reduce rollout risks with holistic product planning including not only pricing but also add-ons, contract terms, renewals, delivery workflows for new product turn-ups, changes, cancelations, and others.

Improve product financial planning

Establish a complete product profit margin picture by not only analyzing product component pricing, but also bringing delivery workflow efforts & costs into the fold.

Continuously improve your product portfolio

Evolve your products to address customer needs better by analyzing both financial and non-financial aspects of product performance.

Analyze product performance

Ensure faster order delivery with a uniform, workflow-driven processing seamlessly supporting multi-line orders containing various item types (new product requests, changes, cancelations).

Address customer
needs better

Match products with customer needs based on actual in-service products: average lifetime, changes requested by customers, uptimes & outages and support history.

Accurately forecast delivery dates

Monitor costs, reliability and support issues of product components purchased from third parties to select best vendors for your business.

Product financial performance dashboards

Monitor financial product
performance every step of the way

Drive revenue with a post-launch feedback loop between product planning and products and services sold.

Quote-to-Cash for Chief Product Officer (CPO) / VP Product

Plan, launch quickly and monitor post-launch performance of your cloud and communications products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Quickly create accurate quotes for complex subscription products and add-ons including new products, changes, replacements and cancelations.

Ensure reliable and consistent customer service delivery with real time forecasting.

Ensure customer success with omni-channel support, service monitoring, analytics and automated discovery of upsell opportunities.

Empower your customers with a 360° view of their accounts, self-service and on-line ordering.

Stay on top of your reporting game with pre-configured dashboards and reports based on best-practice quote-to-cash metrics.